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"After watching your free video, it's now pretty obvious why my partner and I aren't pregnant yet! (I'm exactly like the client you talk about with the 35 day cycles).
We've just started following your program and we're feeling super positive now!  Thank you."

Steffie Vancouver, Canada
"Just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this information. We've learnt so much already and can't wait to start the program.
Exactly what we've been looking for!"

Antoinette & Clive NSW, Australia
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"I wish I'd found your site sooner!  I've done a lot of research and I thought that I understood all this stuff, but it turns out there's lots I don't know!  It gives me and my husband real hope. We've started the online program and we're just loving it."

AJ and RJ Christchurch, NZ
✔︎  5 common fertility myths that could be stopping you from getting pregnant

✔︎  Why it's so easy to completely miss your fertile days each menstrual cycle

✔︎  The reality of when ovulation day actually occurs

✔︎  The critical factors that determine how many days you can conceive each cycle

✔︎  The best time to have sex to optimise your chances of conception

✔︎  When a longer than normal cycle doesn't mean pregnancy

✔︎  One sign that your cycles are infertile, even if they're as regular as clockwork

✔︎  2 key signs that let you know when you can get pregnant

✔︎  How to gain crucial insight into your daily fertility status and overall fertility health

                                                               ...plus much MUCH more!
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'The Truth About Your Fertility - what your doctor (probably) won't tell you!'
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